Terms & Conditions

All Golfers will golf at their own risk

Bowmanville Golf Club will not assume any responsibility for damages incurred to a golfer’s property or themselves. Golfers will be responsible for any damages to our property that they may cause during their game, as well as any damages to their own personal property or to themselves.

Rental Of Power Cart

For and in consideration of the rental of the power cart to me, I agree to return the power cart to the Pro Shop immediately following the completion of this rental agreement, in as good a condition as I received the power cart.

I Agree To Pay

I agree to pay for any and all damages that are sustained to the power cart and to the golf clubs property while the power cart is in my possession.

Free And Harmless From Damage

I further agree to hold Bowmanville Golf Club free and harmless from any damage of any nature whatsoever that may arise from my use of the said golf cart.

I Am Familiar With The Operation Of The Cart

I am familiar with the operation and use of the said cart and have read the instructions, and I can operate and control the same in accordance with said instructions. Power carts must, in the rough, follow all cart signs, remain 30 feet from greens and tees, and stay on the cart path where provided.

I Am Over 18 Years Old And Have A Valid Class “G” License

I understand that all operators of the power cart must be 18 years of age and have a valid Class “G” License.